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Neat Things That I Think You Should Buy (or "Let the Wookiee Win")

This will be the first of many posts in this vein. The end game here is that since I (lamentably) do not have unlimited funds at this juncture in my life, I will let YOU all know about every superfluous little thing I covet and then live vicariously through you when you buy it. You can crash in my guest room after you blow all of your money on inside-jokey Cafe Press t-shirts like this Dirty Dancing gem.

I may or may not have one that says "The Babe with the Power." And by may not, I mean I do.

keep calm and carry a watermelon

Hey, nice melons.

My better half is currently in the process of his first foray into wine-making. So far it has consisted of him climbing on my roof to pick many a-bagful of whatever grape it was that I planted about a decade ago and putting them in my Cuisinart. I think there's more that is supposed to happen at some point. If you're feeling a little less adventurous than we are, may I suggest taking a hop over to the “Homemade Hooch” page at Uncommon Goods. They have guidance on everything from Bourbon to Sake. Plus they’re rully purdy.

uncommon goods

Easy-Peasy, Lemon-in-my-gin-and-tonic Squeezey.

Scared of wallpaper? Good. Listen to your instincts. And seriously kids, don’t try a DIY mural in that new nursery unless you are VERY confident in your artistic ability. These gorgeous vinyls from Greener Grass Design take out the guesswork and are a fantastic way to throw a little visual interest into any room.

wall vinyl

Why do birds.. suddenly appear..

And to round it off, there’s this. Because Wookiee .

wookie purse

A little something for the fella who always wants you to hold his keys and his wallet in your purse.



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