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Thrive is a Portland, Oregon based design business specializing in the aesthetic marketing fields of business branding, graphic and print art and package and label design .  


After many years of working in artistic fields for larger companies, I was fed up with the corporate mentality that so often skips merrily along with the marketing world.  A Mad Man, I am not.  In early 2004, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and open a business that would hand-pick clients to honor and promote community, wellness, sustainability and environmental integrity. I take great pride in making services available on a sliding scale in order to cultivate the opportunity to work with all sides and sizes of regional businesses and communities.

Portland Graphic Design

about the laughing lady.


I was raised surrounded by trees, gardens and cats in the woods outside of Port Townsend, a small, arts-centric town on the Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington. I spent my college years drinking far too much coffee, immersed in the fields of theatre and design in a quiet liberal arts college near Atlanta, Georgia. In 2002, I relocated back to the Pacific Northwest and have been happy to call Portland my home ever since. Working with an extensive background in design, retail merchandising and visual arts, I have reveled in every moment of helping people to enhance and enliven their dreams and businesses.  Whatever the budget, job size or duration, I thrive on developing lasting relationships with my clients and treating them all with equal integrity, professionalism and kindness.  


But don't just take it from me. Read some words from my clients.




I offer three amazing logo, business card & branding packages starting at a flat fee of $350. Click here to find out more!

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