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Look ma! A new blog!

I like to write things. The trouble is that blogs are so, well, everywhere these days that it's just almost simpler to become solely a reader. I bought a kindle for my walk across Spain last year (believe me, the only thing that could ever convince this luddite to head down an e-reader road was the thought of heading down an ACTUAL road with enough books in my backpack to last me three months. Laziness trumps fear of technology any day of the week.) and now I can buy books at the moment they're released without leaving my couch. I mean, it's awful. And awesome. And not at all conducive to getting any thoughts of my own down on paper because the-new-lev-grossman-book-just-finally-came-out-and-I-already-preordered-it-when-I-finished-the-last-one-and-I'll-see-you-in-a-few-days-when-I-finally-find-out-how-this-damn-story-ends.

At this rate, I am NEVER going to write the next Great American Novel and my mama will be brokenhearted. Although to be fair, I think she actually just wants me to write The Hunger Games and it seems that someone has already covered that base.

Anyway. I have a new website. Finally. And my website makes it stupidly easy to link a blog. As easy as preordering Lev Grossman's new book on my kindle. I have no remaining excuses.

As my site is technically for my graphic design business Thrive, it would make sense if I stuck to topics like, well, graphic design. I think, however, that this should be a little more indicative of me as whole package (if you're a new or potential client you may actually get a real hint as to who I am as a human), which means that, yes, I will be sharing design hints and inspirations. I will also be talking about my favorite Portland restaurants, what I created with my CSA this week and whether or not it was a success. I may take you wine tasting. Or tequila tasting. I'll chat about books I'm reading, give more in-depth looks into what my clients are up to, talk about what I want to buy and what I'll never be able to afford to buy and what I think you should buy. I will tell you what I think looks nice and why. I will link to and really, really a lot. I will most definitely post pictures of my cats. I will discuss, at great length, the ongoing struggle to convince my boyfriend that I need both a pygmy goat and a donkey for the pygmy goat to stand on. I will most likely make glaring grammatical errors and simultaneously complain about people’s bad grammar. Because I am complicated like that. I will do other things, which I’m sure will be interesting and/or giggle inducing and/or pretty to look at and/or eyebrow raising and/or befuddling. I will sound my barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world (WW) and echo my timorous meow from within my languid center (you know when your cat tries to mew but a yawn catches them unawares and they end up forgetting to make a noise? Like that.).

I do not tweet (really, does no one else get “Rockin’ Robin” stuck in their head when they say that word?) or pin or tube anywhere but down the Clackamas river, so find me on facebook if you’d like the heads up next time I make any progress on that whole pygmy thing.




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