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A Small Treatise on Grumpy Days (told solely in run-on sentences).

Sometimes you make the mistake of waking up and weighing yourself. Then you're sad and you slam your coffee cup down too hard and scare your cats and feel generally bad about yourself and the world and are far more angry than normal at the commuters who don't turn on their blinkers before they hit their brakes. When a woman approaches you before your yoga class starts, you are gosh-darn-dagnabbit ready to bite her pretty little head off if she asks you to move your mat from the coveted downwind-of-the-air-conditioner post. And then she opens her mouth and she tells you that she started coming to class every day because you do and her goal is to look like you and love it as much as you obviously love it and your glorious teacher doesn’t bat an eye when you tear up during inversions and after class says that it’s an honor to practice with you and then you realize the sun is shining and it’s really okay if people occasionally don’t use their blinkers correctly.

Ray of Light

Inhale. Exhale. Smile.



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